Terms and Conditions

Website Products

Our products is from premium manufacturing supplier and all products on website will be updated from time to time.


The inventory situation on our website does not accurately reflect the real-time inventory situation. It is possible that your order is restocking or permanently out of stock, we will notify you to exchange or cancel the order in this case. Please understand this situation before placing an order. Once you place an order, we will regard you as agreeing to this term and no further explanation will be given.


Supported payment methods may be updated from time to time
The old payment method may no longer be supported on a certain day
Please follow the payment process on the Payments page to make the payment


Due to bulk orders, human errors can appear. In this case, we always try to go extra mile to satisfy our customers. But please understand that once the compensation agreement is reached, it cannot be changed.

Shipping Methods

Customers have not control on shipping methods. It means we have the right to choose shipping company according to suitable condition.

Delivery Time

When payment is finshed, order status will be processing which means shipping is preparing. This step usually take 2-3 days, and the tracking number with link will be sent by email.

2 weeks to arrive for most of the areas with regular shipping. The actual time could be different from expected. We don’t make any delivery time guarantee, so if you have a time limit, we are not responsible for possible delays.

Package Lost & Seized

As long as the logistics website shows that the package has been delivered, we assume that the package has been delivered. We are not responsible if your package is stolen, please provide a secure shipping address.

If the items are seized by customs, we will re-ship the goods for free only if we have purchased customs insurance. In other cases, customers need to pay extra to get the second shipment.

After Delivery

After receiving the order, please confirm that the condition and everything are good. We no longer provide quality assurance services for orders that have been delivered for a while.


We are not responsible for the consequences of using it out for non-personal use after the customer has purchased it.

About This Clause

We have the authority to delete, add, change or edit information or product without any prior notice.