About Us

About TopSportsReps

TopSportsReps (hereinafter referred to as "we") operates a consumer-centric online retail platform. Through collaboration with global leading premium manufacturing supplier, we provide consumers with superior 1:1 replica prodcts. At the same time, we further expand the reach of our business through engagement with downstream retailers, extend our interaction with consumers and service from traditional physical retail to digital marketplace, providing advanced reps products and consumer experience for sports lovers in all over the world.


We committed to build a platform catering to the consumers need for sneakers, sportswear and healthy lifestyle and to become global first-class sports online retail company, then everyone can buy affordable famous global brands high-quality reps products from here.


Through collaboration with global leading premium manufacturing supplier and other industry participators, we aim to foster the boundless, healthy and joyous sports experiences inspired by sports to consumers through superior 1:1 replica products and service offerings, empowered by our well-established digital capability.

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